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Pillars of Support

A Lagom Life was born from a desire to slow down & return to myself. Blending my love of coaching, meditation & essential oils I help you slow down, reconnect & enhance your life. 

Having lived a very 'un-lagom' life for many year, I have seen how life changing slowing down can be. 

Love Notes

I took part in Beth's 6 week coaching programme and not only do I have a solid goal I'm working towards, but everything I've learnt I have been able to apply to my life in general, and I feel so much happier for doing so!

Beth is so supportive and encouraging and asks all the right questions to get me thinking about my goals and limiting beliefs.

I'm so excited to take everything I've learnt and keep using it beyond the course. I highly recommend Beth's coaching if you are looking to achieve a new goal and become more focused.

Beth Fuller

Meditation Guide
Well-being Coach 

From teacher to coach & guide, it's my privilege to guide you to your lagom life

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