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2020 Musings

Ah, where to start with a reflection of 2020?

The start of this year saw us saying good bye to our beloved van, Bertha, we should have known it was going to be a challenging year from that point! Getting out to the hills keeps us sane and this year has seen a huge amount of staying at home.

I feel as though the last two years have been stupidly challenging on a personal level, with this year being a culmination of just bonkers-ness!

It seems as though the planet is going through an enormous shift. Those interested in astrology will be shouting "Yes Beth! Yes it is!" We're entering a huge energy shift on the 21st December as Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius in what's known as The Great Conjunction. This amazing phenomenon happens every 200 years (these two planets in an air sign) and its lovely to think that this cosmic goodness could be bringing huge change.

Also in the sky, Jupiter and Saturn are going to be in alignment, creating what looks like a huge Christmas star, the last time they did this was 800 years ago. So there's some seriously special stuff going on (Do you remember October's Blue Moon?)

It reminds me of the cosmic version of cleaning out a cupboard, it gets way worse before it gets better.

I'm unsure as to my beliefs around astrology but I think, as with many things, it can help us make sense of the world around us.

That's something that's been in high demand this year, with the Black Lives Matter movement, the campaigns for Free School Meals over the holidays to name a couple, Trying to make sense of the senseless has almost been a full time job. The constant stream of news, Covid fatigue and ever changing rules and regulations have been exhausting.

Something beautiful that has come from this year, however is the choice that so many have made to slow down. It has amazed me to see more and more people taking a breath and realising what is important to them.

I know for me, I have relished in the fact that my introverted self hasn't had to go to things like Christmas parties, I've relished slow weekends (not much has changed for us in that sense), I've loved the extra time with Al.

I am fully aware that I am writing from a very privileged position, even when I had no income for four months, had to close one business and lost my job, I knew I would be fine. I have a supportive partner and my parents are hugely generous. This year has made me more resilient than I ever imagined I could be.

I see this challenge as a gift, it has allowed me to come and serve you from a place of lived experience.

I'd love to invite you to journal around the last 12 months, these questions are here to be cathartic, releasing and uplifting. I can't promise that you'll finish your journalling with dry eyes, but I'm certain that you'll feel better for it.

If you have essential oils, I'd highly recommend the diffuser blends below to accompany your journalling.


The following questions can be answered as you like, be it bullet points, stream of consciousness or as a mind map, what ever works best for you!

1) What have I learnt in 2020?

2) Where have I felt best in 2020?

3) What has been the biggest blessing of 2020?

4) What is going to be left behind in 2020?

5) What will I take from 2020 into 2021?

From these journal entries you might notice a word or two that keeps coming up. Maybe sit with that word for a while, meditate on it and see how it sits with you. It might be that this will be your word of the year for 2021. See if it lights you up, see if it feels aligned with what you're envisioning for 2021. If it is, fab! If not, let it go with love. I'll do a separate post all about finding your word of the year and how to create your vision board for 2021.

Let me know how you get on!

With love,

Beth x

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