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5 lessons to learn from Spring

Here in the UK we've had the most glorious spate of exceptionally beautiful weather. It's been a real boost to the mood.

We experienced the Spring equinox that felt like a brand new start for so many of us. It really had been a very long winter. I don't know about you but I always feel far more energised as the days get longer.

So what lessons can we learn from this beautiful time of year?

1) There's no rush, everything blooms at exactly the right time.

If you take a look at the hedgerows at the moment, some plants have got full blossom, others have the beginnings of leaves. In fact, out three apple trees (which are next to one another) are all at different stages of blooming. One has leaves coming, the other has the beginnings of buds and the final one is still completely bare. They're all doing exactly what they need at exactly the right time for them. The hawthorn blossom doesn't stop blooming just because the magnolia tree next to it is looking stunning.

2) We're basically plants - we need water & sunlight.

If you're feeling a bit more energetic as the sun is making herself known more, it's no coincidence. You're getting a good old boost of Vitamin D. As anyone who's experienced vitamin D deficiency will tell you, not enough of the sunshine vitamin will leave you feeling so worn out. So go outside and let the sun shine on your forearms and hands. This article from the NHS is a helpful resource explaining how we can absorb vitamin D from sunlight.

3) The best things take time.

Have you ever planted seeds? In my baby book there's a memory from my dad, we'd been planting seeds in the garden, I was only very young. After we'd finished and had a drink, I wanted to go out and look at all of the flowers that had grown. It was a lesson in patience.

I still get that impatient with the plants that we grow. I'll be found checking to see if there are any tiny sprouts poking up from the soil hours after they've been planted - even though I know better.

The excitement of growing something from a tiny seed never gets old (although Al has planted all of the seeds this year) and when we apply this excitement to our own growth it becomes a brilliant thing.

It's the same kind of feeling whether we're learning to meditate, to practice yoga or even working on mindset through life coaching. Once we've done it once, we want to reap the rewards straight away. Yet another lesson in patience.

4) Hibernation is coming to a close.

Over winter, many animals and insects hibernate. They conserve energy and move very little (if at all).

You might find that you've got a sudden urge to begin moving your body more as the days warm and lengthen - go with it! Move in ways that feel good to you. Perhaps you've been wanting to try a yoga class? Maybe running is your thing? Or getting out for a lovely walk? Whatever it is, go with that urge to move.

5) New beginnings are coming.

The lambs are starting to arrive, the birds are laying their eggs, plants are sprouting. New things are happening all around us at the moment and it's flipping beautiful. If you've been considering starting something new, this is the perfect time to do it. Tap into this spring like energy and take that messy, imperfect action. Need a hand with it? Book in a Discovery Call to see where to begin.

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