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5 Ways to Support Your Emotions as Lockdown Eases

I don’t know about you guys but I have been really struggling emotionally with the changes to lockdown. It feels like such a scary time to be re-opening shops, schools and allowing unlimited exercise. With the lack of solid leadership from the government it feels even more difficult to understand why restrictions are being eased. Now we can’t control what the people ‘in charge’ are doing to handle things but we can control how we react to them. I’ve put together this short guide of ways you can support your emotions at this time, these are things that I’ve been supporting my worries.


It sounds so simple but making sure we’re breathing consciously and deeply when those worries hit can be a huge help. It stops our stress response in it’s tracks (especially when doing Box Breathing) and allows ourselves to approach the situation from a calmer perspective. It’s also believed that strong breath work practice can be beneficial for lung health, which is a definite plus in these times!

Daily Meditation

Teaching ourselves to notice emotions and let them pass is a huge part of mindfulness meditation. When we allow ourselves to become detached from our emotions they cannot control us. If you’ve been thinking about creating your own meditation practice, this is the perfect time to start. There are lots of meditations that are available on my IGTV channel for free, which are a brilliant starting place.

Eating for Health

I was speaking to my mum at the weekend and we were talking about how important it is for us to be health-ful at the moment. She’s a key worker and knows that her risk of exposure is pretty high so is taking steps to be as healthy as possible. A healthy body is more able to fight off infections than one which is already under stress. Making sure that we are eating lots of vegetables and healthy fats, alongside excellent supplements is vital at the moment (it’s always vital but lets give our bodies every chance they can get!) When we’re filling our bodies with nutrients our mood becomes elevated. Have you ever noticed how you feel after eating a really health-ful meal? Your emotions and your gut are closely linked so ensuring a healthy gut will support a healthy mind. Also, simply knowing you are doing the best for your body is incredibly empowering.


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of journalling. Getting those thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto paper frees up so much space. It’s ok to be worried and it’s ok to feel like crying (I cried most of Sunday evening), acknowledging that and allowing yourself a safe space to get it all out can be so helpful. Free writing can be amazing for this, just get your journal and let the words flow. Notice how you feel after.

Essential Oils

You didn’t think I was going to leave out my biggest tool did you? I’ve been reaching for my Emotions & Essential Oils book like nobody’s business! I’ve upped my usual stress relieving oil routine of Copiaba and Frankincense in the morning to also include; Tumeric, OnGuard and Yarrow|Pom which are oils that may help with a feeling of being unsafe. Citrus oils, such as Grapefruit and Spearmint have been keeping me feeling bubbly as well. Noticing when my mood is dropping and then grabbing an oil to uplift has been really helpful. Aside from using these oils emotionally, I’ve been making sure I take my LLV and Probiotics so that I’m functioning well on the inside too!

Bonus tip!

If you find yourself in an anxious spiral, move. Do some star jumps or run on the spot for a moment or two. This will allow your body to process the stressor and the hormones that have been released and ‘trick’ your mind into thinking that the stressor is now gone. It’s simple but it works in moments of acute stress.

It can feel like a really worrying time at the moment, but it you are able to do everything that you can do to support your body and your mind, it will make a huge difference. Please do reach out if I can be of any help!

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