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You might have noticed a change of name recently. It's been a long time coming!

When I first began "With Beth" I was a little lost and needed to put my stamp on the world and reclaim me. Obviously naming my business after myself was the way to do this! (Insert head in hands emoji)

It's been a journey and a half and during this I realised that I didn't need to reclaim me, I needed to reimagine what it was that I was putting out into the world.

Something people don't tell you about setting up a business, is that it's the biggest session of personal development ever. It's made me reevaulate so many things and find a way to realign with the core bits of me.

The first year of "With Beth" was rough and imposter syndrome was high (let's be honest, some days it still is!). I felt as though I should be gaining clients daily and when things were quiet I was clearly a failure! Not the most helpful thing for someone coming out of a stress related illness!

Over Christmas, it hit me in the face that I wasn't actually aligned with my business in that form and as we've been spending more time at home in lockdown I've had more time to think.

I've been obsessed with the Scandinavian way of living for years and words with meaning are one of my biggest loves, so A Lagom Life was born. (You were saved from Wellies and Wellness, there have been a lot of iterations of this rebrand!)

The word Lagom is a beautiful one, it's less about balance and more about 'just enough' which I love. All of my working life I've strived for this illusive balance and am yet to find it! Lagom takes the pressure off a little. There are always going to be times when you need to offer a little bit more to work and a little bit less to home but it always comes out in the wash and settles down again. I think this is one of the things that I love about this concept. We can never be completely balanced, sometimes something has got to give and the best bit is that that's ok!

It'a amazing what a name change can do as well. Already I can feel myself posting more intentionally and focusing in on what will bring you guys the most support. It's also allowing me to share in a more authentic manner. Showing those ups and downs and coming from a place of authenticity and vulnerability.

I'm so looking forward to sharing all of the aspects of lagom, not just the obvious wellbeing stuff but all of the things that I love; cosy minimalism, the great outdoors, slow living and sustainability.

So what will this new iteration of the business look like?

You'll see more me! The coaching programs will stay pretty much the same, they were the first forays into this new iteration. They fill my heart and I love what they consist of and their hugely affordable price point. These are things that are massively important to me, when you're on a fixed income (like I have been for most of my career) finding a coach can seem so far off and unattainable. So I want to take that away a little bit.

There'll also be more knitting and cooking posts coming up. Knitting and cooking help me enormously with my mental health, so I want to be able to share these with you. When we're out of this blooming awful pandemic, I'm thinking of putting on a wool and wellbeing class every now and again, where we can meet, learn new techniques and uncover the amazing wellbeing boost of knitting.

The weekly meditation classes will be continuing, I miss seeing people in real life but our online time together will be just the ticket until those days come. The magical combination of meditation, breath work and journalling is incredible and I can't wait to reinvigorate these sessions.

I'm also in the process of creating some beautiful digital courses at an affordable price point, which will be focusing on sleep, building a meditation practice and journalling. I can't wait to share these with you.

There's lots on the horizon, and many more things bubbling away under the surface.

Is there anything that you want to see more of?

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