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Emotional Support with Essential Oils

I wish I could say that we're going to cover the whole spectrum of how to use essential oils to support our emotions, however that would need a book or two writing about it! Instead I'm going to share with you the emotions wheel and way that you can support yourself with the amazing emotions kit from doTERRA.

Below you can see the emotions wheel, you'll notice that there are a variety of negative emotions in the middle of it. The best way to use the wheel is to identify where you're feelings lie in the wheel and then make your way outwards towards the oil that will best support that emotion. Are you feeling discouraged? Motivate is the oil for you! If you don't love the smell of Motivate then choose any citrus oil and that will help support your feeling of discouragement.

Sometimes we have emotions in different areas of the emotions wheel. In this case, identify which is the deeper of the two emotions and work with this one.

If you enjoy creating your own blends rather than using pre-made ones, using this wheel is a brilliant way to prepare your own blends. Note which emotions you're feeling and choose an oil from the family that will be able to support you best.

Although we're still uncovering how essential oils interact with the body to support emotions, research studies from as early as the 1990s show that there is a significant body and brain response to the use of essential oils. I highly encourage going and having a google to discover more about the ways essential oils can support our bodies. The doTERRA Science Blog is a great place to start.

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