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Exploring Essential Oils - A Series

I feel like I have chatted oils with you for ages & I couldn't for the life of me think why! I'm using them everyday (as always) and have had some gorgeous oily chats with people recently.

So to remedy my lack of chatting, I'm putting together a series of posts all about some of my favourite essential oils (& if I get over the emotional blocks around oils like Patchouli whilst in the writing process I'll also post about those).

In this series we'll chat about the primary benefits of each of the oils and their emotional/energetic uses. I want to come at it from this angle because I truly believe in the energetic uses of oils and how they can support us in working through our emotional blocks, when used alongside practices such as meditation, journalling and coaching.

As we explore each of the essential oils, I'll add them to my online shop. This will mean that for the first time ever you can shop the oils straight through me, rather than logging into Doterra's website. (Obviously, if you'd like to experience your wholesale discount and the other benefits that come with having a Doterra account I will support you in setting that up!) This has been a block for many people who discuss the oils with me and I hope to make these beautiful gifts of the earth a little more accessible for you.

If you'd like to explore these essential oils in more detail, please do just shout! I'm always up for an oily chat or email exchange and would love to support you in your oily exploration.

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