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How to Reset Daily

Taking time to reset each and every day gives our bodies a fighting chance against the stressors of modern living. It allows us to take a moment for ourselves and decide how we want the day to pan out, at least on an emotional level.

Yesterday I posted this Reel over on Instagram and it made me really consider how we need to actively make time to emotionally reset for the day.

In my previous post about the importance of habits, we spoke about how to create those habits which we'd like to have more of in our lives. When we're considering the habits we'd like to incorporate, I'd strongly suggest taking a look at actions that help to reset us emotionally.

In the video above, I mention three actions which specifically target emotionally resetting for the day: journaling, alternate nostril breathing and meditating on our intention. Let's explore these a little bit more.

Journaling around the prompt; "Today I want to feel..." is one of the most simple ways to tap into the emotions which we'd like to embody more of. For example, if you wake up feeling incredibly stressed, you may want to feel calm. Moving through the day in a stressed state isn't going to allow you to have a great day, so we want to move away from that!

Your journaling may look something like this:

Today I want to feel calm. I want to let go of this stress that I've woken up with and let it go. I want to press pause on this worry and allow myself to move through my day with ease. When I move through my day with ease, I am better able to deal with the issue that's making me feel stressed. I am able to feel calm, I'm able to let my shoulders relax and my breathing slow down. I want to feel calm.

That's just a quick example but it shows how you're setting your intention about how you want to feel whilst also acknowledging that there is an issue that needs resolving (we're not about toxic positivity here!)

Once you've journaled (or even before if you want to settle into yourself and actually have a good listen) we can practise alternate nostril breathing/ nadi shuddi. This technique is fascinating as it works both the parasympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system.

Inhaling through the left nostril triggers the rest/relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system) and inhaling through the right stimulates the fight/flight response (sympathetic nervous system). By choosing which nostril you use to inhale, you can make yourself either more relaxed (left nostril) or more energised (right nostril).

Alternate nostril breathing is about bringing these two opposites into balance. By slowly and consciously breathing through each nostril for an equal amount of time, we make sure to stimulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in equal amounts. This sets us up perfectly for our day and the challenges we might face. We'll be able to react in a more balanced manner.

The third and final action we can take in this daily reset is to meditate on our intention that we set in our journaling exercise.

To do this we simply make a mental note of the feeling/emotion that we want to create more of and re-word it into an affirmation. If we use the example above, ours would be I feel calm and at ease. Simple as that.

Once we've quickly reworded our feeling/emotion, we settle into our meditation. Focussing on the breath and noticing any tension in the body. Gently bring the focus onto the feeling that you want to embody today and repeat the affirmation in your mind.

If you prefer being guided in meditation, there are a couple of intention setting/ setting your feelings meditations over on my Instagram, they can be found here.

This simple daily reset allows you to take a moment to tap into your feelings and feel a little more on an even keel. If this is something that you'd like to explore further, my Emotions & Essential Oils workshop has ticket available (newsletter subscribers, you've got a special discount code available) and I'd love to have you join us.

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