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Intentional Mornings

Mornings don’t have to look like this!

If you’ve ever looked at the self-development section in a bookshop, I imagine you’ve seen the number of books available that promise to overhaul your life and make you as productive as Beyonce just by changing your routine. I feel like I’ve read them all and tried to rigidly follow each of them at different times. I’ve always felt that 5am should be ‘my time’ – anyone else? According to these books a 5am (at the latest) start is the only thing that will lead to your success.

In my quest to find the ‘perfect morning routine’ I came across the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It’s a great book and the story behind him writing it is fantastic. As someone who lives with pain and fatigue from an undiagnosed chronic condition, I was so revved up by his story of bouncing back to full health. If you’re unfamiliar with the main premise of the book, it centers around the acronym Life SAVERS.

This simple acronym is a wonderful way to get all of the ‘good stuff’ into your morning and contains many aspects that I now hold in my morning ritual. It’s definitely worth a read.

After trying what seemed to be every morning routine on earth and still not sticking to one, I began to dive deeper into why nothing seemed to stick. My CBT therapist has noted that I have an incredibly strong tendency towards perfectionism (check out Sam Laura Brown for amazing stuff on this) so when my morning routine was hard or I didn’t follow it exactly one morning I sacked the whole thing in and started again. If it was just a case of me sacking it in and trying something else, that wouldn’t be too bad but it was the horrendous self talk that came alongside it that was incredibly destructive.

I wonder how many of us beat ourselves up for not having an Insta-worthy morning routine that we follow like clockwork every single day of the year? Know that you’re not alone in this and as my CBT therapist says, “You’re allowed to break your own rules once in a while, it’s good for you!”

So this leads to creating an Intentional morning routine/rhythm/ritual that suits you and your needs. We’ll go through the process of creating one below but before we do the how we need to think about the ‘why’. Why do you want a morning routine? Is it because you read somewhere that you should have one? Or is it because you feel good when you take a moment for you in the morning? Or is it even that having your clothes out the night before means you’re far less stressed at the start of your day? (Remind me to tell you my wardrobe story at some point) Journal on this one for me. Why do you want a morning routine that’s intentional and true to you?

The next step in cultivating this beautiful morning is to make a list of the things that actually bring you joy. If meditating doesn’t bring you joy then for heavens sake don’t put it on your morning plan! Your intentional morning is all about bringing you joy and calm, it will look different for everyone! Some of the things that I had on my list were: – meditation (I can’t even begin to express how much better my days are when I meditate in the morning) – coffee – cuddles – a bit of sunshine and fresh air (I live in the midlands so sunshine isn’t always going to happen but I’ll put it out there!) – reading What’s going on your list?

Once you’ve curated a list of the things that bring you joy, have a think about how you’re going to get them in. Does it mean you’ll need to wake up 15 minutes earlier? I used to have my morning routine planned out to the minute, in check boxes in Keep Notes on my phone. I don’t do that anymore, in fact I don’t even have timings. I know that it takes me roughly half an hour to complete my morning rituals but I can do them in 15 if I need to. Being flexible with timings is vital for me but it might drive you mad. See what feels right for you.

So you’ve discovered your ‘why’, found out what actually brings you joy and created a plan. Now you’ve got to do it. Be intentional with this, is it realistic for you to set yourself a target of doing it all every single day for the next month? Or do you need a smaller time frame of a week? Set yourself your goal of how long you’re going to test it out for. Give it at least a week or two to see how it fits. If it needs adjusting after this time, go right ahead and change it! It is your morning, nobody else’s.

At the moment, my morning looks a little like this:

  1. Wake up and take Copaiba and Frankincense under the tongue. Hormone roller ball on inner ankles, Whisper on pulse points and Balance on the soles of my feet.

  2. Let Dottie out, set the kettle to boil and do some gentle yoga to wake up my creaky joints.

  3. Make matcha or coffee then go and meditate.

  4. Write my affirmations in my journal and then read a chapter (or at least 10 pages) of my book.

  5. Make a smoothie (mostly veg) and take my probiotic and supplements

That’s whats working for me at the moment. I’m enjoying it and not putting any pressure on myself if it doesn’t look exactly like that every morning (like this morning where I woke up at 6, felt like working so am sitting in my PJs in the spare room/office)

If mornings are a topic of interest for you, I’ve put together a guide here which I would love for you to download. Let me know how you get on with it!

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