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Keeping Corona Panic at Bay

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I don’t know about you guys but last night’s update brought more anxiety than I was anticipating. The lack of clarity around who should be going back and not even a mention of those of us in the clinically vulnerable group or those Shielding. I honestly sat and sobbed after the update. It was from both frustration and fear. Then once I’d calmed down I just got plain angry for all of those people and businesses who have had less than 12 hours notice to get this sorted. However this is not a political rant, it is not a rant about the lack of clarity because ranting isn’t actually going to get us anywhere! It will make us feel sad, anxious and lower our vibrations. When we’re in that state we are not performing well and we are in a stress respinse which makes us more vulnerable to illness. Exactly the oposite of how we need to be right now!

At the beginning of lockdown I put this infographic together giving some tips and tricks to keep your panic at bay.

There are a few things I’d like to add now that we’re entering this new stage of the process.

  1. Keep informed but limit your news reading. Don’t let yourself slip into a news reading cycle. It simply fuels your anxiety around the issue. The daily update is what (in theory) the newspapers are basing their information on so catch up with that. If keeping informed makes you feel horrendous, ask a friend or loved one to keep you in the loop with important updates rather than trying to decipher what’s going on.

  2. Make sure you are eating relatively well, try to get some fruit and veg in every now and then so that your body is firing on all cylinders. I’m definitely not going to tell you to stop eating cake or anything like that! Lockdown baking is keeping me sane! Also cake is a wonderful wonderful thing!

  3. If you can, take a great quality supplement. This will help keep all of those vitamins and minerals topped up so that your body gets all of the extra support that it needs. I have been really upping my supplement game and my gut health game (so much of your immune system is in here!) so that I know I am doing everything I personally can to support my body.

  4. Do something that brings you joy every single day. I don’t know what brings you joy but for me it looks like listening to Harry Potter audio books with Al and knitting. Or playing with Dottie. Whatever it is that brings you joy, make sure you do it.

So my loves, they are some of my top tips for staying relatively calm during these challenging times. I’d love to know what you’re doing to help yourself! Let me know in the comments.

With love, Beth x

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