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Lessons in overwhelm

We've explored overwhelm a lot over on social media over the few weeks, so I though I'd collate all of the bits and bobs right here.

These self-coaching questions were the hit of the week. The conversation around the revelations that these prompts brought up were amazing. It was a pleasure to chat to people about how they allowed themselves the space to explore these questions.

This style of question is one that anyone who's worked with me will be familiar with. 'And what else?' prompts us to move deeper into our thoughts, especially when we're dealing with huge emotions like overwhelm.

So often we skate along the surface of our feelings, which is often what leads us to overwhelm. When we're not addressing what's actually going on, we're unable to process it, which in turn leads to a dip in emotional resilience, which in turn leads to burn out.

Even when we don't want to address our feelings it does help in the long run. they don't suddenly pop up like a ball pushed under water and smack us in the face.

Another way of working with overwhelm that we explored was a meditation for overwhelm, you can watch it here. It's just a simple one but they're always the best aren't they?

How do you deal with overwhelm? I'd love to know.

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