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Lockdown Blues

I think we've all been here haven't we?

Those long dark days which seem never ending. Missing hugs and people and seeing things other than our local area. The worries and uncertainties around when it's going to end and how stable one's job is. They're all real, valid worries. It doesn't matter how much privilege you have, lockdown is a bit shit.

I think this lockdown has been incredibly tough as the weather has been pants and it just seems never ending. I was chatting to my mum about it and she agreed that because it's been going on for so long now people are just knackered. They're knackered with being on high alert all the time, having decision fatigue (is my going to the shop an essential trip or can I make do with what's already in the fridge?) and missing those they love.

I'm pretty ok with being at home a lot. During my sick leave I barely left the house for fear of a student's parent seeing me out and about (mental health issues don't make you look poorly do they? I looked perfectly normal despite being signed off for severe anxiety and depression) It feels somewhat like that again in lockdown.

It's so inspiring seeing all of these incredible humans creating amazing businesses or pivoting their original business. I love seeing their success. But Stephen Fry said a brilliant thing on the radio the other day. He said that jazz and oat milk were getting him through lockdown. It was so refreshing to hear someone say the words "get through" and mean it!

Lockdown is tough, not knowing when we're going to see our families is tough (don't even get me started on that one), living in this heightened state of anxiety is tough. So here's your permission slip my loves, it's ok to not be productive all the time.

My very wise Aunty sent me a message in the first lockdown reminding me to take a rest. Did I listen? No I did not (I don't know why, she's incredibly wise!) I carried on pushing and pushing working from a place of scarcity because things were scarce. I had literally no income (other than a couple of wonderful coaching sessions) in the first lockdown. It was so flipping hard. But we got through as we always do.

So my message to you is this, don't beat yourself up for not baking banana bread or making that funny whipped coffee (still haven't made it), don't beat yourself up for just wanting to slob on the sofa for the whole weekend. Be more gentle with yourself that you would be normally. Make sure that you wash your hair, slather on some body lotion and drink copious amounts of tea (from a pot because it tastes better that way). The hard stuff doesn't stop being hard when you do these things, nothing stops the hard stuff other than time. It just makes it a bit more manageable when you know you're controlling your controllables.

What controllables are you taking control of? Let me know, you know I love to find you these things.

If you need a hand in controlling your controllables, book a complementary discovery call, no strings at all and we'll spend half an hour just figuring it out a little.

With love, as always,

Beth x

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