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Our Best Friend: Dottie the Collie

Do you know that Fido, the name often given to dogs in cartoons, means ‘I trust’ in Latin? Never was there a more befitting name for an animal than this. Dogs are the most wonderful creatures whose kindness knows no bounds. Their excitement and love for their owners is real. Whoever said that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, clearly, never had a dog. Dogs become part of a family and their love, support and kindness has a huge impact. When Al was growing up, he was bullied relentlessly at school for almost everything. He went from being a bright and confident child to a husk of his former self. He couldn’t leave the house, had developed ticks and would have panic attacks in crowded places. Al believes that his dog saved his life.

How do they do it? Historians argue over most things, but many would agree that the domestication of dogs has had a fundamental impact upon the lives of human beings. Harvard medical school, for instance, uses dogs as a way to help combat anxiety in all. For the young, those with mental health issues and issues surrounding substance abuse confide in dogs and gain hours of relaxation and mindfulness from their company. The elderly benefit too, with studies suggesting that playing and stroking a dog releases more endorphins than eating a bar of chocolate. But that isn’t surprising is it? Dogs are unbelievable!

Did you know? That dogs can detect the Corona virus? They are now being trained in the UK to be used to sniff out the deadly virus. They can already detect diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s, so again they are being used to help us. The current success rate for the dog’s testing is more accurate than the WHO tests! So, whilst we are out clapping on Thursday next week, let’s remember the dogs who are helping too!

So who’s Dottie? Dottie is our rescue border collie, she’s 10 years old and loves: running, sleeping on the sofa (much to Al’s dismay) and chasing lights! Dottie is a forever friend. We have been up mountains together, grieved together and run together. Dottie is a good metaphor too for life. Poor Dot had an awful upbringing, she was used, in the first 5 years of her life, as a breeding bitch in a puppy farm. Terrified of humans and other animals we were lucky enough to rescue her. Although she is still scared of nearly every dog on the planet, she loves humans. With kindness, love and direction, Dottie has grown into the most loyal and loving friend.

Reaching your goals Dogs believe in us when we don’t. Although they don’t say it, they reassure, they console and they are always pleased to see us. Sometimes you reaching your goals needs someone who can ask the right questions, give you a furtive glance and point you in the right direction. That’s what we offer with our coaching sessions. So, if you want to ‘be the person your dog thinks you are’ have a go at a coaching conversation.


What do we offer at With Beth? It’s our mission to help you live a more balanced, healthful life, our services below are great ways to get started. Meditation Essential Oils Coaching Not sure what you need? Book a one on one to discuss how we can create more balance in your life.

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