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Radical Rest

I'm writing this having come back from a ten day holiday in Scotland, with absolutely no social media at all. Just books, conversation & wilderness. A complete disconnect that was needed more than was realised.

It's so easy for us to become habitual creatures, we reach for our phones or the TV remote before we even get out of bed. But does that serve us?

Even my slower, more connected way of life can leave me frazzled every now and again, running a business & a day job is a good old balancing act.

It's interesting that many Swedish people, the epitome of lagom living, take most of the summer to rest, have fun & disconnect with the outside world. Those heady summer days of holidays, after work adventures & having lunch in a park are a corner stone in living a lagom life. It's almost as if the sun can recharge us.

I'd love to know how often you actually switch off. More than just the daily micro switch offs that we experience when we go for a walk. But at least a full day of just switching off and reconnecting with yourself. Do you make time to do it, or is it shoved to the bottom of your to do list?

I'm currently reading If Women Rose Rooted which brought to my attention the idea of 'what if we didn't do it like men?' What if we tapped into what we actually needed & felt right to do rather than what society says we should? If you have a google of the term Radical Rest, you'll come across many brilliant articles that are all saying exactly the same thing. In our Western Society, where capitalism & patriarchy are king, where pushing & striving are the norm and burn out is a badge of honour, rest is truly radical.

It is a reclamation of knowing what we need and when we need it and then flipping well doing it!

When I was a teacher, I would live for my long long summer holidays, well any holiday as it was a chance to rest & recover from the ridiculousness that is our current education system. Now that I have a blend of a day job at a mortgage company & this business, I've come to realise that living for the next holiday isn't sustainable & we need to plan in restful times throughout our months/year.

That's why I have put together the Soul Soother Sessions. a monthly gathering to rest & recuperate. 45 minutes of stillness & calm in the woods to recharge your batteries. It always amazes me what 45 minutes in the woods can do for the soul. Just 45 minutes out of your day to forest bathe, journal, chat with likeminded humans. To simply be.

Will you be joining us?

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