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Slow living & Slow Cookers

There's something wonderful about walking into the house after a day at work, knowing that your tea is already made and waiting for you. Those cosy winter evenings can be made so much easier (and more sustainable) with the help of a wonderful little kitchen gadget.

A slow cooker uses about the same amount of energy as a household lightbulb, whereas an oven is one of the most energy consuming household items. Simply put, on average, slow cooking a meal in the oven for an hour will cost around 30p whereas 8 hours on low in the slow cooker will cost around 10p (significantly less energy!)

One of the fundamental principles of lagom is being a little kinder to the planet, which is why I'm bringing this topic onto the blog. My eco-anxiety can sometimes get the better of me, so knowing we're doing what we can to support our planet is surely a useful step on our path to wellbeing?

Slow cookers have got better and better since I brought my first one (which was gifted when we upgraded). My current slow cooker is this one which was a gift from my Gran and Poppa a few Christmases ago. It's brilliant as you're able to use the pan on the hob to add the depth of flavour that only comes from sauteing onions and garlic (and meat if you use it). Once you have that depth of flavour you're able to pop the pan straight back into the slow cooker and get on with your day.

These are thousands of wonderful slow cooker books and recipes out there, this is my go to book it has wonderful recipes, everything from veggie dishes to puddings. The seafood pasta recipe is incredible if you occasionally eat seafood like me. Slow cooked squid is next level delicious! I've also got a growing collection of veggie slow cooker recipes over on Pinterest which prove that slow cookers aren't just for big pot roasts!

I often find that I experience decision fatigue when planning out meals for the week, so knowing that a few pantry essentials will be able to create a warming meal makes life so much easier.

Creating nourishing food is vital for our wellbeing, it's more than just sustenance. It's a sense of belonging, a sense of home, a source of comfort and a reminder of all of the beautiful traditions of our past.

So create those beautiful meals for yourselves my loves. Enjoy every last bite. If you try any of the recipes on my Pinterest board let me know, or send me your favourites.

With love,

Beth x

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