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The 4 Habits you need for a Lagom Life

What if all it took was 4 great habits? We chatted about habits last week & I'd love to chat more about them this week too. It's the New Moon this week, a perfect time for setting new intentions & working towards habits.

I'm sure that I've waxed lyrical about Atomic Habits before but I'm going to again because I've seen the power that these tiny shifts can have! Seeing yourself as the sort of person that does x is one of the key takeaways in Atomic Habits. It encourages you to see yourself as the sort of person who does the habit that you're wanting to create. So for example, if you wanted to do one of my core habits, meditation, you would visualise yourself as the sort of person who meditates. You'd get that picture really clear in your head, perhaps asking yourself when & where that would happen, how it would feel to have done that and then to set yourself the teeny tiny goal of meditating for 30 seconds each day. You might ask why 30 seconds, well 30 seconds is achievable, it's not overwhelming. It allows you to embed the habit before you make it a longer habit. I'm going to be putting up some 30 second meditation videos on Instagram and the Meditation Group on my website this week so keep your eyes peeled.

So meditation is the first habit that I swear by, the second one is daily usage of essential oils! As I type I've got Davana on my pulse points & Green Mandarin in the diffuser. Before I went to sleep last night I rubbed Aromatouch into my feet to help cool me down & support my grumpy body. I also took a drop of Copaiba under the tongue to support my aching muscles. This is a real microhabit that makes a big difference. Knowing that you're supporting your body with these amazing natural supports creates a deep sense of wellbeing. I love to use essential oils to support our emotions & create a sense of uplift & calm. If I was going to suggest any habit to get into it would be to connect with essential oils to give yourself a boost!

The third habit that helps me live a blooming brilliant (I I say so myself) life is by meal planning! We love Hello Fresh (£20 discount when you click the link!) boxes when things are busy. You know you're going to get a nutrient dense meal & have no food wastage either. There is still a little bit too much plastic for my liking with the little pots but overall it's less plastic than if you're doing a Sainsburys shop! If meal deliveries aren't happening in our house we absolutely love to cook from A Modern Cook's Year by Anna Jones, it's seasonal, nutritious cooking at it's best! The veggie or vegan meals are delicious & so easy to make. I'm currently obsessed with the Beetroot dip.

The fourth habit is the most simple but most effective. I was chatting to one of my meditation students about it and he was saying how it has changed his outlook on life completely.

It's gratitude! Simple but powerful gratitude. It can be as simple as waking up and saying thank you for all of the beautiful things in your life, or it can be a more formal practise like using the 5 Minute Journal, the book or the app. The 5 minute journal is the thing that sparked my gratitude practise and it's one that I've dipped in and out of many times. I love the app as you can assign a photo to the day which is just brilliant!

What four habits are you going to start embodying? Use this new moon energy towards the end of the week to get clear on the ones you're going to bring into your life (I'll pop a video up on Instagram to talk you through it).

If you need any inspiration there are loads of posts over on the blog, or you might decide that you're in need of some support in making these habits a reality, in which case head over to the Reconnect page on my website to see how I can help.


Tools to help create those 4 habits


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