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The 6 Best Reasons Why You Should Take Up Knitting.

Knitting as a mindful moment

Knitting, really?

Knitting is amazing. Just like colouring, gardening, journaling, sleep and fun adventures, Knitting occupies our mind helping us to achieve a meditative state.

A study by Knit for Peace, a charity aimed at encouraging people to knit, found from their 1000 participants that knitting:

  1. Lowered blood pressure

  2. Reduced depression and anxiety

  3. Slowed onset of dementia

  4. Distraction from chronic pain

  5. Increased sense of wellbeing

  6. Reduced loneliness and isolation

This crucial study is now used by the NHS to save time and resources. Why not give it a go? After all, we are all so indebted to the NHS.

Can I do a mindfulness exercise whilst knitting?

Absolutely. Here at With Beth, we use a variety of techniques to try to engage people. Last week, I did a meditation session with the chickens to escape the noise and hubbub of the house. During our one to one consultations, you get to decide what you would like to try.

At With Beth too, we often suggest that people use oils to set the feeling of a room. Using Dotera oils every time you knit can help one to settle into a room and a space to be able to start their knitting. This is an amazing technique called ‘aromatic anchoring’ which I use all the time. We have a variety of oils that can help you to do this here.


What do we offer at With Beth? It’s our mission to help you live a more balanced, healthful life, our services below are great ways to get started. Meditation Essential Oils Coaching Not sure what you need? Book a one on one to discuss how we can create more balance in your life.

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