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Tools I use to keep on an even keel

A number of my clients/previous clients, are setting up their own well-being ventures at the moment so I thought I'd break from the norm and share some of the tools I use to keep me ticking over on an even keel.

There are a couple of tools that I absolutely couldn't run this business without (aside from my Wix website). They're Flodesk and Canva and they're just brilliant! Flodesk is where I create my emails, landing pages and forms, the templates are beautiful and they're so intuitive to use.

Canva is also amazing, it's where I create all of my graphics for here and social media, there's the free version which is brilliant but if you want a bigger range of images and templates the paid version is well worth the £10 a month.

I'm also obsessed with Trello for keeping my thoughts in one space, it's like having loads of post-it notes but on a handy app. I have just started playing with Asana so I'll keep you posted on that!

For my banking, I absolutely adore Starling for Business, having listened to Alice Benham talk about the profit first method I got to grips with my business banking and have got spaces for taxes, equipment, trainings I want to do and all sorts. It's well worth looking into as is the book Profit First which explains how to make sure you're being sensible with every bit of money that comes into your business. It can be a bit intense as a book but the thinking behind it and the actionable steps are brilliant.

So they're the practical tools that I love to use but a mindset tool that I am loving using is the Vibe & Flow membership, Chloe is a brilliant mindset and manifestation coach who has created the most brilliant toolkit.

If like me, your mindset gets in the way of marketing yourself and inviting sales, she's created some amazing resources to help work through those blocks.

Do you have any amazing tools that you use?

This post contains affiliate links, which I may receive a small commission if a purchase is made. I only recommend things that I truly believe in.

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